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Prairie Records

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Street map for Prairie Records, 219A  8 Ave SW, Calgary AB
Telephone(587) 391-3634
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10:00am - 8:00pm
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⚠   Store hours may differ due to COVID-19.
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It's all about cannabis + creativity. It's a ritual. A routine. An undeniable duo. It's when we fell in love with our favourite bands, when we've built deeper connections with our artistic expression.

Now we have brought that same sense of discovery to the cannabis retail environment. Unlike other cannabis shops, Prairie Records seeks to elicit a sense of discovery with our customers.

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User Reviews
[On Google]
trevor bApr/21
"What an amazing shop!! The staff was very knowledgeable and personable. Yeison was able to help me find the right stuff and turn me on to broadening my horizons and trying new products"
rebekah GApr/21
"I came in earlier this evening and had the most amazing experience with yeison he helped me with every question I had (granted I'm a first timer) he was very knowledgeable!!!"
Laura BApr/21
"I love this shop! The staff are great and its such a cute space! Can't wait for summer"
Daryl WApr/21
"I had a bad experience. You don't treat customers like that."
Shania CMar/21
"Absolutely wonderful staff! I was assisted by Jilian. She was incredibly welcoming and very informative. I love how it is along stephen ave, such a great location."
"Absolutely fantastic store with great products, knowledgeable staff and the most chilled-out vibe you'll ever see from a dispensery. If you ask me, this is THE spot to get your ganja!"
Peter DNov/20
"Cool Shop, Good Prices, just like the Forest Lawn Location I went there a number of times before this location opened. ( Good prices Especially on the Overpriced Qwest products.) Something dissapointing though, The staff team though seems to have fully turned over since the opening of this store. Even the ones at the other location. And its noticeable. There are only a few staff members which I feel comfortable having recommendations from, and most of them are gone, or told me they went to go work at the Prairie Records Packaging Warehouse and I feel like the level of education that is at this store has suffered because of it. It used to be I could walk in to the store, I would be enthusiastically greeted, they would strike up a conversation with me, educate me about new products and different growers, and would recommend me a product that would work for me. I didn't have to do any work. Now, I have to stare at a menu, and ask what a product is like from staff who don't really seem too well educated on anything besides the Qwest, I understand that its your company, and you want to move those products, but it makes the relationship you try to build with your clients seem kind of facade-y, and kind of just feels like the bud tenders are trying to hock the most expensive products on me, rather than making my experience feel personalized. I'll gladly go down to Super Blend or Four20 now and distribute my support for weed stores, they don't and never really do what you g .."
Trish TAug/20
"Awesome little cannabis shop in the heart of Calgary. Great selection, good prices, and the staff are so informative to help you find anything you need."
Max BAug/20
"Me and my travel buddy approached the place, completely drawn by the gentleman working with the coolest outfit since we left Montreal. We revealed that we're visiting dispensaries in each province to get to know the culture there. He went on to give us comprehensive advice on the products we were looking for, transparent to the point that he reccomended some other dispensaries nearby that he trusts that may carry a better option for us. He was not there to make us spend money. He was there to help us out and show us the beautiful side of the cannabis industry. Best customer service I've recieved in any store in my life. Thank you Asher, for truly caring."
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