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The Cannabis Guys

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Street map for The Cannabis Guys, 8335 Financial Dr., Brampton ON
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Telephone(905) 451-9500
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We're bringing you a simple and convenient shopping experience with a neighbourly touch.

Our expert staff are here to guide you as much as you like - no more and no less - in a friendly, honest and approachable manner.

And we promise to deliver the best stuff at fair prices. It's just that simple - why shouldn't it be?

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User Reviews
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Jenn AMay-22
Great little shop, super friendly staff, chill atmosphere. I've tried other places and they are only okay but I always go back to Cannabis Guys! My go-to cannabis place now! Edit: This location is dog-friendly which is awesome and so convenient for when I have my Shiba Inus with me!
Very friendly staff, loved the layout inside and the amount of options of strains and products you could choose from is unmatched then other place's, my go to from now on can't wait to be back!!!
Sam BMar-22
This location offers customer service only when it is apparent you are spending money, otherwise if you have any issues with your purchases forget about it. While not my usual dispensary of choice in the area, yesterday it was snowing quite aggressively so I decided to save some time and drop by to pick up some concentrates (2x Alaskan TF live resin). After getting home late at night from work I went to load said resin into my expensive electronic dab rig (puffco peak), and, although the consistency and colour seemed off, after about a second black smoke came out and the ceramic bowl became filled with black residual matter that bubbled all over the electric components underneath the bowl. After attempting in vain to remove said charred remains and accompanying odours as well as making sure the electric components still work it became clear that I must now order new parts because the people working at this dispensary carelessly mixed up the live resin with brick hash. I returned to the store for an exchange/refund and to explain that this "mistake" is not without consequence as it ruined my electric dab rig and the best I got was a typical "sorry that happened to you" response. To add insult to injury, the girl at the front told me that it is perfectly okay to put brick hash into a dab rig?! (no it is not, especially not an e-rig). At this point it is difficult to determine whether the people working here are not knowledgeable in the products they sell or are simpl ..
This dispensary is amazing! Such a great, large space with so many interactive opportunities to learn and fun displays to check out! Welcoming atmosphere as soon as you walk in. Staff are equipped with impeccable knowledge to help you find exactly what you need and to make amazing recommendations that won't disappoint. From being new to a connoisseur you'll appreciate it all. Check it out, you won't regret stopping by :)
Lynda CNov-21
I've had such a great experience coming to this store! I used to drive 55 minutes to a dispensary but then I found this location and it has great prices, amazing decor, and the staff is really friendly! The workers are so kind and fun to talk to, plus they were super excited to see my kitty come inside haha. I highly recommend this store for good prices and excellent service!!!
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