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Newleaf Cannabis Gateway Village

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Street map for Newleaf Cannabis Gateway Village, 207-2 Hebert Rd., St Albert AB
Telephone(780) 590-0308
Newleaf Cannabis Gateway Village Logo
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11:00am - 7:00pm
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⚠   Store hours may differ due to COVID-19.
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We influence the perception of cannabis products and businesses, provide share-worthy and inclusive experiences to those seeking education and contribute positively to every community we serve.

We are an organization that believes in the importance of actively providing a healthy, safe and friendly addition to the communities we serve. In addition to responsible operations, we are actively looking for ways to contribute directly to the needs of a variety of communities. If you would like to learn more about our community initiatives, or if you would like to present us with an opportunity to get involved in one of the communities we serve, please contact us using the community contact form, found on our website.

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User Reviews
[On Google]
caitlin gMar/21
"Horrible customer service, bad products they have no exchange or refund when goods are defective and un usable. No problem solving skills and no customer appreciation. Take your money somewhere else these guys don't care about consumers nor have passion for the products they sell. Terrible experience and I won't be back..................... Owner thanks for the reply but I never bought oil maybe you should know before you respond"
"I've never been into another cannabis store so I don't really have anything to compare it to, otherwise it's pretty bare inside , basically just ask for what you want and it's brought to you at the till, if you don't know what to ask for or what type you prefer you may end up with something that's not your style , in this case I'd suggest checking out the online shop at ALBERTACANNABIS.ORG"
Jasper SOct/20
"worst experience i've ever had. almost didn't sell to me because i had my gender identity covered up. my gender and my age/face has nothing to do with each other. the worker also made me take my mask completely off in order to ‘make sure it was me', or i don't know. i was very uncomfortable and i never want to go back. i've never encountered this at any pot shop before. ever. thanks newleaf st. albert."
Travis SJul/20
"They have a sign on the counter for bakerstreet seeds 4 for 16.75. I went to buy them(thursday)and they wanted 32 for them. The person told me its a glitch in computer and to come back tomorrow and they took the sign down. That happens so I still bought some flower. I go in the next day(friday)and the sign is back up. I try to buy them, again price is 32. Staff can't fix it. I tell them i want to bring them to a friend on my holidays and im leaving Monday. I leave my number however this time I go buy flower elsewhere. Sunday comes. No call. I go to the store and im told the sale is over. I explain them the situation and they understand because it was the same guy I spoke to Friday. They make a call to someone, tell me they will honor it for me. Well they couldn't get it to work. Again. Three visits. Sign is up the first 2 times. This is not a staff issue, this is poor business practice in any industry. I have never left a bad review before but I gave them 3!!!!! Opportunities to fix this. Unacceptable."
Amy WJul/19
"I've been buying from this shop since it opened and I am usually in the store 3-4 days a week purchasing weed. Most days when I go into the store, the high end strains are out of stock. The owner and staff repeatedly explained to me that it was the suppliers who don't have enough stock to supply all the stores. They try to order these high end weeds but aren't able to do so, or only at a limited quantity. So I am left purchasing low grade weed at nearly the same cost of the high end weed, multiple times a week, causing me to spend double my budget. It has been been brought to my attention that what the owner and staff have been telling is untrue. There is plenty of high end strains (made by Broken Coast, Quest, Fireside) available for stores to order, but at a higher cost to the store and lower profit margin made from the strain. I am upset that I was told that it was the supplier's issue that high end products weren't available (or only in small quantities), instead of the truth that it is the store's choice to have limited quantities of high end weed. I just checked out Spirit Leaf in St. Albert and what a surprise, they happen to have ALL these brands in stock and at high quantities. And have NEVER run out. It's unfortunate because New Leaf's staff are great and location is convenient, but I will no longer be shopping at New Leaf. The store doesn't carry the product that I need. But I guess that's why there's an open market so these stores can compete for cust .."
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