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Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. Spruce Grove

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Street map for Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. Spruce Grove, 214-10 Westwind Dr., Spruce Grove AB
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Telephone(587) 461-0428
Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. Spruce Grove Logo
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fireandflower.com/ stores/ spruce-grove-westwind
10:00am - 10:00pm
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Just south of the Yellowhead highway, Fire & Flower Spruce Grove Westwind is a recreational cannabis retailer with a laid back atmosphere that sports a full spectrum of cannabis products from dried flower, milled flower, pre rolls and oils to accessories like vaporizers, grinders and pipes. Come in and have a chat with our cannistas about CBD products today!

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User Reviews
[On Google]
"The staff are so great at the Spruce Grove and St Albert locations. Always very helful and happy to make suggestions"
Desiree SMay-21
"Today Demarra gave me the best customer service I have ever had in a cannabis store. I left with more than I came for because she took the time to educate me on some new edibles and got me hyped up to try them. I even walked away with some ideas of what I might want to try next time. As she was printing my receipt I also got some knowledge bombs dropped on me about the carrying laws in Canada. Thanks Demarra, I felt extremely well taken care of as your customer today! P.S. The dark cherry drink tastes great! Cheers!"
Justina FMay-21
"Everytime I go to this location I have an awesome experience. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and the 2 guys working this afternoon were a riot. Will continue to shop here!"
Kate RApr-21
"Always the best experience. I've been smoking for over 10 years & this is by far my favorite place to buy from - The staff are always super friendly and knowledgeable. The owners amazing. And the product is great quality."
"I came in the other day to buy two drinks and ask about a different product. A new associate, Brysen (sp Sorry), was so helpful in answering every question that came to mind. I came out knowing so much more! The service I received was amazing!"
Bro WMar-21
"I came to this location about a year ago. It was my first time at a dispensary, and I usually get my weed from friends and family so I genuinely had no idea how much it would cost/how much marijuana at a dispensary cost. I told them this and asked them what they recommended, they sold me THREE pre rolls for over $50. I thought it seemed rather expensive but didn't think much of it, figured dispensaries were just expensive. I went to a different location in Edmonton this week with my friend who bought 4 different kinds of marijuana, pre rolls and not, and it came to... just over $50. My friend legit got 5 times the amount I did for the same price. To say my blood was boiling when I realized how severely ripped off I was from this place is an understatement. When I told my friend what happened at this location she was flabbergasted. Way to take advantage of someone who's clueless about pricing. Again, this was a year ago so I don't know if those same people still work here. Hopefully not. First timers beware though, research before going here."
PHrenli PMar-21
"Thanks for the free product! I have visited this store many times and have spent hundreds of dollars each time, but I will never return. To start, I ordered 20 bottles of pills and 16 of them were picked and sold wrong. Mistakes happen so it's not the end of the world, even if I do live 40 minutes from the store. Also, if I had taken any of the "wrong" pills, I would have possibly gotten super high while driving or operating equipment as I do daily. Could be a deadly mistake. I made them aware of the mistake by phone and they said they would only exchange them if they were unopened. Had I opened one and they refused to return it, there would have been a problem, especially since the product I was returning was worth substantially more than the product that I was buying. At this time, I was told that the store only had 8 bottles and I would have to return at another time for the other 8. Not happy. I went in and talked to an incredibly rude and arrogant lady that ignored every word that came out of my mouth. I explained that I was returning the 16 wrong bottles and picking up the 16 correct bottles. She forced me to refund the original purchase and re-purchase the product even though the physical exchange of the product would clear up the original paperwork as well as their inventory. She continued to ignore me and my sound logic and I just wanted to leave so I followed her instructions. She credited me for 20 bottles even though I came in to exchange 16. She the .."
Justin HMar-21
"Placing virtue above bylaw, they no longer honor exemptions at this location. I was a regular here since December until just recently, word from up on the high horse to crack down on muzzling. Plenty other places to secure my supplies! Its too bad, the 2 kids on the power trip that refused me i had never seen there before, if it was any of the others i have engaged before i probably would have still left with my order."
Brandi GJan-21
"I have been going to this store pretty well since the day it opened. All of the employees are super friendly and helpful. Colton helped me out today and he is so knowledgeable and welcoming! Alec has also helped me in the past and was fantastic. Definitely stop by and check them out!"
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