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Shopping Cart - Configure online shopping cart settings for your Cannabis Dispensary. To view shopping cart platforms and access this function you first need to create a listing for your store, or claim an existing listing as the owner.

Sync-Order© provides consumers with an informative yet straight-forward product browsing and selection interface, while offering dispensaries the ability to receive pre-orders from local consumers without the need for POS system integration. The Sync-Order online ordering system is based on aggregate pricing and product availability data, and is an industry first.

Custom Cart - access a ready to use master catalogue of cannabis and cannabis related accessories /w hi-res images, full descriptions, product characteristics analysis, graphical potency meters, side-by-side comparison charts, complete with your customizable inventory and pricing (/w a simplified upload API of your store's current inventory).

Sync-Order© and Custom Cart /w Promotions are complimentary use systems provided for the convenience of our users and participating dispensaries. There are no restrictions or usage fees to participating stores. With the online ordering system we connect consumers with your store, providing them with emailed confirmation your location has stock on the product(s) they are looking for. You have the sale.

Once an order is placed and confirmed online, customers are required to physically attend your store location to pay for and pick up their order. eWeedPro does not participate in the exchange of funds or product delivery for purchases from your location. All customer transactions and final order fulfillment, including returns and exchanges, are the responsibility of the licensed dispensary receiving online orders through this site's cart system.

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