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Co-op Cannabis Brentwood

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Street map for Co-op Cannabis Brentwood, B-4122 Brentwood Rd. NW, Calgary AB
Street view for Co-op Cannabis Brentwood, B-4122 Brentwood Rd. NW, Calgary AB
Logo image for Co-op Cannabis Brentwood, B-4122 Brentwood Rd. NW, Calgary AB
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Telephone(403) 452-2560
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Co-op Cannabis stores are created for you to feel safe and educated when considering consumption. Our Cannabis Stores will retail dried cannabis and cannabis oil, in addition to cannabis accessories. Purchases will qualify for the annual member refund.

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tar mSep-23
Upon entering and deciding on a purchase, the only balding cashier in the store was too busy flirting with two young ladies in mini skirts to be bothered with any one else in the store. After waiting a couple minutes seeing no business sales transaction going through the till, I went to the nearest competitors which were 10$ cheaper of the exact same product. Will not return to coop cannabis after today.
amy wAug-23
the place is clean and i like the displays. very professional and kind staff. though one time they were out of the one i liked but recommended me a very gross weed. it was called dab bods or something.
Brooke BJun-23
Me and a friend just went in and my friend realized she forgot her ID in her car when the one younger guy asked for it. We understand you can't buy cannabis without it so we were about to leave to go retrieve it and he yelled at us (very rudely) to get out. Just the complete lack of customer service was so uncalled for as we weren't being difficult in any sort of way was ridiculous and I don't plan on coming back as a result.
Will TJan-23
Great prices and customer service. Nothing I've wanted has ever been out of stock. Co-Op also offers cash back rewards with a $1 membership. Enough said.
Emma SJul-22
Me and my boyfriend came here and I didn't have my ID so I said I'd leave and she said she wouldn't sell to us without verifying my ID. But she never ID'd the customers in front of us who were younger then we are. I've never been denied service from a store before cause of that. The most I've been asked is to leave and they still sell to my boyfriend. What a joke. You won't ID younger people but you'll ID two people in their 20s. Will never be coming back here. I think the lady was being a little racist to my boyfriend. Because you can't ID the younger white people. And this lady has served us in the past and has never ID'd before. But because of a new "rule" you refuse my service completely? I'll just be taking my business else where. I do not recommend this store to anyone. I hope someone sees this and either you guys change your so called "rules" or you stop picking and choosing who you ID
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