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Canna Cabana St Albert

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Street map for Canna Cabana St Albert, 2-512 St Albert Trail, St Albert AB
Street view for Canna Cabana St Albert, 2-512 St Albert Trail, St Albert AB
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Telephone(587) 290-4201
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You're Always Welcome At Canna Cabana!

Since 2009 we’ve been dreaming up spaces for Cannabis lovers to feel at home. As smokers ourselves, we were sick and tired of sketchy alleys leading to bargain basements that made us feel like we were doing something wrong.

Canadians deserved something better, and so we opened our first Smoker’s Corner head shop in downtown Calgary that same year. Finally a bright, clean, welcoming place where marijuana enthusiasts could gather and geek out about cannabis culture – weed, bongs, pipes, vaporizers and yes… even getting high!

After legalization, we knew we wanted to bring that same vibe to selling legal Cannabis (man, sometimes we still can’t believe it).

Canna Cabana was created for people who loved weed (still do) and want to buy it, smoke it, and talk about it in a playful, safe environment. We call that a Cabana and we built it for you!

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User Reviews
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I love the ladies of this location Emma, Jasper, Jen and the others you all rock! I typically go to this Canna Cabana every Friday to buy them out of their CBD products. I find it less expensive than my current medical LP for the same products… the staff are well informed and quite knowledgeable which I love. It's nice to have a conversation with people who have the same passion for Cannabis as I do. The only reason I gave the store 4 stars has nothing to do with the store or the staff but rather the declining selection of CBD products and sole increase of THC products. To the person who took over ordering for the store, please bring back the larger selection of CBD products and Northbound Cannabis products. Thank you!!
Sandra MDec-22
This is my favorite store. I go out of my way to come to this location purely becuase of the staff!!! Jennifer is absolutely incredible, I'd call her a friend and we literally only see each other here. She is kind and funny and always remembers everything. We all miss Tristan, but the other employees have continued to keep this location feeling like a hang out, a happy place, not just a store. They all have a smile on their face and often a dance to their step and so much knowledge, I swear I learn something new each time I go. That all being said, I have to voice an issue I've had lately with one employee, Patrick. He gives of the "hurry up and leave" vibe, which is completely different from everyone else. Instead of informing He lectures and makes you feel stupid. I will often wait to go to the store if it looks like he is the only one working so I don't have deal with him. He seems angry and annoyed if u don't know what you want. On December 24th, it was busy, way busier then I've seen it in a while. Everyone was still smiling and helping and making everyone feel seen. When I was in all us customers were happy chatting with each other and the employees...other then Patrick. He was running around angry not really helping just frustrated. I think that Patrick doesn't fit in with the vibe of this location. I tell ppl to go there specifically for the staff, but also warn ppl about Patrick. I have heard from others who have been to this location about how they felt ..
jerome wDec-22
Emma's awesome always here to make each visit a memorable one and can never complain about the prices definitely deserves a raise and same with Jasper
Nicole NNov-22
Popped in today to grab an advent calendar, had the greatest chat with Jen. She was so engaging and i really appreciated everything about the experience!
Amy DNov-22
canna is my go to spot. cheapest, great weed and the people are always so nice. but my favourite person is emma. she always has the best advice and tips, not to mention is now a good friend who always puts a smile on my face every time i walk in and see she's working :)
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