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Discounted Cannabis

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Street map for Discounted Cannabis, 12988 50 St NW, Edmonton AB
Street view for Discounted Cannabis, 12988 50 St NW, Edmonton AB
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Telephone(780) 406-3862
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User Reviews
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Charly MApr-23
"Discounted" in the store name but it ain't discounted when you go to pay.. also there is a lady who works there looks like she hates everyone and doesn't wanna be there
E2 NFeb-23
Can't complain at all, great service and welcome chill atmosphere. The staff are hilarious 😂
Ross DJan-23
30 minutes for a simple exchange/refund for a cartridge that did not work and the owner made me feel like I was a liar, because of that I just decided to get my money back and make my future purchases somewhere else, the service from the employees are good, although the current employee did not know how to do an exchange or a return which doesn't surprise me because I don't believe that they run into this problem that much with exchanges or refunds, but it was the phone call with the employee to the owner to which the owner stated that they wanted to test the product before they gave an exchange or my money back, which made me feel like the owner was calling me a liar, ultimately they did not have a battery to test and I received my money back much sooner than the 30 minutes that I was told.
corey sSep-22
If I could give the young girl that works in this store a 0 star I would have. They write there prices down wrong and then charge you way over ticket price. Then treat you like your an inconvenience. They don't want to honor there prices. Huge mistakes in business.
Purchased a 12 pack of pre rolls at the Manning location, that were advertised on the board as 21%.Thought that was great. Smoked 4 and felt absolutely nothing! So I read the container and it said 13%? Went back the next day and spoke with the male working. I pointed out that the 21% was changed to 13%. I wouldn't normally buy anything below 20%.The handwriting appeared different from the rest. If it was a mistake, fine. But this guy changed his attitude when I pointed this out. I told him that I probably won't shop here anymore and his response was have a nice day. As the door was closing I heard him mumble something but not clear enough to hear. Nobody else was in the store so obviously was directed at me.No offers of a resolution isn't good customer service. Will go back to Uncle Sams across the street they are awesome.
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