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FOUR20 Marda Loop

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Street map for FOUR20 Marda Loop, 3-2008 33 Ave SW, Calgary AB
Street view for FOUR20 Marda Loop, 3-2008 33 Ave SW, Calgary AB
Logo image for FOUR20 Marda Loop, 3-2008 33 Ave SW, Calgary AB
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Telephone(587) 441-4205
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Ignite Community. Spark A New Culture. Elevate The Standard.


Our mantra has always been the same – to approach cannabis in a socially responsible manner, ensuring we’re providing our consumers with the best products, information and customer service to guide your cannabis experience.

We’re avid learners, caring community members and changemakers. We’re a company committed to bringing on passionate individuals who are willing to lean into a new industry with enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn, and we like to have a little fun along the way.

How we live it:

  • By being responsible stewards of cannabis in the community, fostering strong relationships and sharing knowledge.
  • By curating a diverse, inclusive and supportive environment. We recognize passion, expertise and a willingness to take on new challenges.
  • By going above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled in-store experience through exceptional care and expertise.


To be known as the absolute best place to work and the most valuable and recognized cannabis brand with a cult-like following. We will set the worldwide standard for cannabis customer experience and employee satisfaction.

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User Reviews
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Kirsten AJan-23
Usually sold out of their sale options, and doesn't carry most strains I ask after. Friendly service and knowledgable team though!
Joshua HNov-22
Still better than Canna. I'll go here if I have to.
Hannah BJun-22
This would be 5 stars except for one thing: ROSS TL;DR: Amazing place, mostly knowledgeable staff. 1) I suffer from SEVERE ANXIETY, so my brilliant fiance recommended I get a vape. That way whenever I'm overwhelmed in public I can just hit the vape. I'm like: not only are you fine, but you smart too huh. So we ambled across the street to our neighbourhood weed store. (Yes we are blessed to live so close to a 420 location) Enter ROSS: The peppiest salesman who ever did sling some dope. His personality is a lot for someone who suffers from SEVERE ANXIETY and panic attacks (blesssed) But as a once upon a time mediocre Catholic woman, I gave peace a chance. He proceeds to tell me that the only difference between the PAX vapes is their size. After awhile the colleague supervisor had to step on and inform us properly. Hint there is a smart PAX that adjusts the temperature so that you always burn just right. (Not an ad, just trying to get some swag) Round 2 start: TODAY I went to re-up on my stash because I am having a very anxious week without my main man in town (side chicks just are cutting it). It took me OVER 30 minutes round trip. Remember when I said I live across the street....yeah didn't move. I am weak and need crutches to move, and I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks....blessed to the fullest. I get to the friendly neighbourhood weed store and its closed back it 25 minutes. Did I mention it was raining? Because it was, check the forecast, my clothes a ..
mkm HMay-22
They have 10percent discount when u make an account with them.
Frequently mislabeled sativas as indicas. Rounds up thc content on their menus. Been in 2-3 times a week for 2 months and they still don't know who I am. Prices are higher than most stores. It took the gas station lady 2 visits for her to remember me. Show me some decent customer service. And if you do have to eject people. Do it kindly. Not "I dont want to lose my job, so you need to get out of the store. (Insert hand waving)." This seems a bit much when a simple "I'm sorry I can't help/serve you today" would suffice. Use value buds to save money, they're also able and decent enough to remember the regulars. Which is funny. Cause I came here to spend more but get better service. Hard pass from now on.
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