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Budd Hutt

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Street map for Budd Hutt, B-5032 50 Ave, Vermilion AB
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When we describe Budd Hutt to our friends, we always seem to come back to the phrase: CREATED BY NATURE.

What started as an obvious calling out of the fact that marijuana is literally created by nature, soon came to describe how we wanted to run this company. We understand that – for a while at least – inviting people to come to our stores to buy cannabis, and accessories, and heck, there’s even a pretty dope line of apparel to celebrate the whole process is… well it is something that is going to take some getting used to.

Whether you have been enjoying cannabis for many years, or you are now open to exploring it after its recent legalization, this whole new retail experience is not something that comes naturally.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Budd Hutt is dedicated from the bottom up, to focus on our better natures in this endeavour. Helpfulness, honesty, reliability and a down-to-earth sensibility – this is how we aim to make the retail marijuana experience feel as natural as possible.

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