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Canna Cabana Banff

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Street map for Canna Cabana Banff, 215 Banff Ave Unit L09, Banff AB
Street view for Canna Cabana Banff, 215 Banff Ave Unit L09, Banff AB
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Telephone(403) 985-0308
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You're Always Welcome At Canna Cabana!

No matter the season, Banff is where you want to be. With staggeringly beautiful summers and outstanding snow sports in the winter, it’s no wonder that our small town plays host to over 4 million visitors a year. If you’re one of them, stop on by for a chat! We like to think of ourselves as an un-official Banff information centre. As locals, we know all the best cannabis friendly spots, activities, and the best places to eat for when the munchies set in.

At Canna Cabana Banff, we’re unique, even by Cabana standards. Fun facts: not only are we the only Cabana located in a national park, we’re also arguably the “high”est Cabana out there—nestled in the mountains, we sit at an altitude of 1383m above sea level!

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Cooper gJan-23
Awesome customer service, would highly recommend anyone to go check out the store. Chantelle at the counter was highly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the experience.
I keep trying to shop here but can't get any service. Often I arrived during hours of operation to be disappointed by a closed sign due to short staff. I've seen one employee trying to serve 15+ customers resulting in poor, slow service. Imo go to fire & flower where they are knowledgeable, less busy, better managed, and treat you like your business is valued. Or go to Banff Cannabis and support local.
All of the staff here aren't rude, although the person that everyone is mentioning in these reviews is. Thought it was just me who he talked to like dirt on his shoe but apparently not. If you're in Banff just go to either Fire & Flower or Banff Cannabis. Cheap prices can only go so far and at least in the other dispensaries you'll get talked to like a human being. Won't be spending a dime in here from now on which is a shame because all of the staff apart from the one who has been constantly mentioned have been amazing.
Quinn WOct-22
i work at another canna cabana and visited the banff location today and was very disappointed with the horrible customer service from the tall guy. he was very rude and seemed bothered by our presence. i got my stuff first and my fiance decided what he wanted after and the guy complained about having to open the cabinet twice. as someone who works there, i know it takes 2 seconds and it's a very minimal part of the job. it looks like many people have actually left similar reviews, im assuming they're about the same guy. i would reevaluate your staff and reflect on if they are a good fit for a customer service job. also, you work at a dispensary, there's no place to be unnecessarily rude to some happy stoners xo.
hazzey dSep-22
the super tall guy with glasses has the worst customer service hes super rude.... in the most unenthused voice walked up to me asked if i knew what i wanted i said no he walked away went to another customer asked the same thing the customer said no and pointed out he didnt really know what he was doing so he asked the staff member his opinion on a product which he replied i dont know and walked away but as soon as a customer he knows comes in he seemed to be capable of perking up and went out of his way to tell her all about the store products
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