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Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail

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Street map for Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
Street view for Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
Logo image for Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
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Telephone(587) 392-4695
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You're Always Welcome At Canna Cabana!

Here at Canna Cabana, we’re all smokers too: that means we know what makes or breaks the best bud. For over ten years (that’s right, since before legalization!) we’ve been creating spaces for enthusiasts to gather and share their love of everything cannabis. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, positive place for smokers new and veteran, young and old. Welcome to our Cabana—we built it for you.

There’s no ordering off a confusing menu here. We’re the only cannabis store in Airdrie with all of our cannabis out on the floor so you can take your time, browse, and get recommendations from our beyond friendly team. And there’s always something going on at Canna Cabana—let’s get you up to date on the latest weekly deals, promos, and sweet giveaways.

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User Reviews
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Tola KNov-23
Worst Cana in the city. Manager Lisa making it worse. Not coming back. If you guys have self respect don't shop at this location
Alex LNov-23
I'm disappointed by my recent experience at the store managed by Lisa. Despite being a loyal customer for a year, Lisa's sudden and inconsistent ID requirement, when no other employee has asked me for ID, led to a denied purchase. Despite presenting multiple forms of identification, including a photo, Lisa refused the transaction. This inconvenience raises concerns about customer service standards, prompting me to reconsider my loyalty. I believe a reevaluation of staff practices, including Lisa's, is necessary for the store's reputation
Tonny BNov-23
recent visit to the store managed by Lisa, Lisa might consider adopting a more customer-friendly approach, emphasizing empathy and understanding to enhance the overall customer experience. Because this gotta be the worst Cana service is the city
Nyles FNov-23
Amazing knowledgeable friendly staff. Always upbeat and ready to help with great recommendations. #1 Canna Cabana location.
Boss SSep-23
I hate to do this especially since I shop at Canna Cabana almost every other day. This store I do not like the one guy that works there. Younger guy. I came there one night and decided to go in with my wife. Our daughter which was in the car wanted to run to Dollarama which was right there. So she did and we went in. The guy proceeded to tell me that my daughter needed to come in and provide id for myself to purchase product. Umm. No. Not happening she's 12. She doesn't need to come in cause she's not allowed to. But I'm not allowed to purchase product now. What. I'm 39. I left. We called another store and told them and they said I should be allowed to purchase my product. She can not come in cause to young. She doesn't even see what we get cause we hide it and drive our two out drive home. Only wanted to buy cause it's cheaper in Calgary then in a small town. Will not be recommending this store. Also my nephew was kicked out cause he brought his baby. What the hell is he going to do. Leave his baby at home and go there. The baby can't smoke guy. I think the store owner should think about who he has working there
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