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Newleaf Cannabis MacLeod Trail

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Street map for Newleaf Cannabis MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
Telephone(587) 392-4695
Newleaf Cannabis MacLeod Trail Logo
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Closed / Coming Soon!

We influence the perception of cannabis products and businesses, provide share-worthy and inclusive experiences to those seeking education and contribute positively to every community we serve.

We are an organization that believes in the importance of actively providing a healthy, safe and friendly addition to the communities we serve. In addition to responsible operations, we are actively looking for ways to contribute directly to the needs of a variety of communities. If you would like to learn more about our community initiatives, or if you would like to present us with an opportunity to get involved in one of the communities we serve, please contact us using the community contact form, found on our website.

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User Reviews
[On Google]
Marc GFeb/20
"Knowledgable staff with a very nice and clean environment. Though they didn't have what I was hoping for(they obviously can't carry everything), they were able to provide an easy substitute at a reasonable price!"
T HJan/20
"Bit smaller of a store than most new leafs but all in all, it was alright. Prices could be better, but it's not terrible. Decent selection weather you're looking for a gram or eighths. My one problem is the annoying staff... they go a little over board talking with you and going over everything... I think they should just chill and let you browse in peace... also didn't like that the clerk said my name out loud when he looked at my ID, I don't want the whole store and strangers knowing who I am please and thanks."
Vern MDec/19
"I got a cool little glass bong here that came with great packaging so I can safely travel with it."
Ervin NOct/19
"I am not sure if this company has a policy of selling pot that is 6 months old but pot has a shelf life, I purchased 1/8th for 50.00 of what they say is there best quality and opened the container to find almost like DUST. Its no wonder that people buy on the street at less than half the price. This company and maybe many other company's in Calgary are ripping people off with there out dated inventory....DO NOT BUY POT THATS 6 MONTHS OLD...I would find someone else to buy pot from and check the date before purchase...."
Marc MJul/19
"Reasonable stock but high prices for the bud/flower. Bought a very nice grinder on sale for a good price. Service is excellent. Always enjoy my visits. Nice environment. Little short on parking but never really to busy. Easy to get to via Fisher St. off MacLeod. I took a star only for the prices."
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