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Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail

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Street map for Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
Street view for Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
Logo image for Canna Cabana MacLeod Trail, 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB
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Telephone(587) 392-4695
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You're Always Welcome At Canna Cabana!

Here at Canna Cabana, we’re all smokers too: that means we know what makes or breaks the best bud. For over ten years (that’s right, since before legalization!) we’ve been creating spaces for enthusiasts to gather and share their love of everything cannabis. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, positive place for smokers new and veteran, young and old. Welcome to our Cabana—we built it for you.

There’s no ordering off a confusing menu here. We’re the only cannabis store in Airdrie with all of our cannabis out on the floor so you can take your time, browse, and get recommendations from our beyond friendly team. And there’s always something going on at Canna Cabana—let’s get you up to date on the latest weekly deals, promos, and sweet giveaways.

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Having to pay an annual fee just to buy certain items is taking things a little too far. Nothing like being pay walled by a weed store.
Awesome customer service. So long story short, my cart broke somehow and couldn't use it so I Called a canna cabana and asked if they could exchange it or refund it , they had no problem at all! Went down there and the manager Lisa was there to help me , refunded me the cart no problem and then showed me different ones that would be of similar quality and taste to the one I had. Was super impressed with this customer service . Absolutely love coming to this location great prices and even better staff 11/10 would recommend
Yuvy GJan-23
This shop used to be called NewLeaf before they rebranded. Passed by one day when I was a little stressed to cop my a nice little bud, ended up paying almost a hunnid for some lettuce, not my best decision but smoking a j with a baddie at your house talking bout life is a therapeutic masterpiece
Z RDec-22
So I was told by the canna cabana on McLeod to go to kingsland location and will be served there due to low supply : it's unfortunate that the company doesn't communicate location to location as the standards are becoming selective by the workers in the store . As an expired license can be allowed in one location , and not the next , On that note , due to my health decline I sent my friend in and not being able serve her due to her being affiliated to someone with an expired license - which would make someone older "in all technicalities" Cana cabana is hit and miss as each employee is different to the next . And have unrealistic standards - most definitely lost a dedicated customer . I suggest if your going to have a franchise of businesses - to follow the same standard instead of Making customers commute to other locations due to low supply , with being turned down upon arrival. And very bad employee choices . And bad communication from store to store . Like every other store , let's them know customers are in their way to make a purchase - !!! This world 😂
Naomi BNov-22
absolutely rudest interaction with Lisa! I was having such a lovely day, and the way she spoke to me made my day 10x worse! worst customer service ive ever experienced. never returning to this location again.
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