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Canna Cabana Castleridge

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Street map for Canna Cabana Castleridge, 8-12 Castleridge Dr. NE, Calgary AB
Street view for Canna Cabana Castleridge, 8-12 Castleridge Dr. NE, Calgary AB
Logo image for Canna Cabana Castleridge, 8-12 Castleridge Dr. NE, Calgary AB
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Telephone(587) 392-4690
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You're Always Welcome At Canna Cabana!

Here at Canna Cabana, we’re all smokers too: that means we know what makes or breaks the best bud. For over ten years (that’s right, since before legalization!) we’ve been creating spaces for enthusiasts to gather and share their love of everything cannabis. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, positive place for smokers new and veteran, young and old. Welcome to our Cabana—we built it for you.

There’s no ordering off a confusing menu here. We’ve got all our cannabis out on the floor so you can take your time, browse, and get recommendations from our beyond friendly team. And there’s always something going on at Canna Cabana—let’s get you up to date on the latest weekly deals, promos, and sweet giveaways.

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User Reviews
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Simon RDec-21
"Horrendous staff. Some of them don't even smoke, and haver never consumed! How are you supposed to properly sell someone cannabis when you have never even used it? Just a terrible place to shop overall. Two thumbs down! "
Ephraim WDec-21
"Avoid the manager lady like the plague. Everyone else who works at this store seems pretty on the level. But the older lady with glasses & brown hair who smells like cigarettes? Yeah. She does not know *anything* about cannabis, and it couldn't possibly be more obvious. Just another boomer who snuck into the legal weed industry from a rando retail store early on, who gets by by BSing low information customers who don't know any better. (Saw this lady sell a distillate dispenser to someone claiming it was a disposable vape pen once. She literally doesn't even know one format from another, let alone being able to tell you anything about cannabis itself.) "
"I did move to Toronto and today came back .I was customer from three years ago when weed just got legal and i know new leaf specially this location is best. All the workers who works there were amazing . I'm gonna visit there tomorrow and wish the service gonna be same . "
Aaron KDec-21
"Was in a couple days ago and was served by the manager Auralee. This lady will say anything to make a sale. I've gone in a couple time and dealt with other people who are fantastic and know what they are talking about. Though I can no longer stand to walk in and hear her give others dangerous advice. On my first visit into the store a couple months ago I was looking at dab rigs and was told I could use a regular lighter to heat up my shatter. Not knowing much about dab rigs I got one and did what she said, surprise it didn't work and the lighter got so hot I burnt myself. On another occasion I was just shopping for weed and I over heard her selling a metal pipe by telling someone to light it from the bottom. She doesn't seem to know anything about flower or the tools used to smoke them with and this is their manager. She needs more training or someone else to do the job. Even though Justin and the rest are the staff are great I will not be coming back as I cannot support a store that puts sales above safety. "
"Auralee has always been a kind and helpful budtender. This visit to her store in Castleridge she especially took the time to help me find exactly what I needed and also made excellent suggestions. Excellent service deserves to be recognized and at this location I find that all the budtenders know how to provide top notch visits. Thanks again Auralee and everyone else that works hard here! Cheers! "
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