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Canna Cabana 32nd Ave

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Street map for Canna Cabana 32nd Ave, 9-2015 32 Ave. NE, Calgary AB
Street view for Canna Cabana 32nd Ave, 9-2015 32 Ave. NE, Calgary AB
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Telephone(587) 392-4715
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You're Always Welcome At Canna Cabana!

Here at Canna Cabana, we’re all smokers too: that means we know what makes or breaks the best bud. For over ten years (that’s right, since before legalization!) we’ve been creating spaces for enthusiasts to gather and share their love of everything cannabis. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, positive place for smokers new and veteran, young and old. Welcome to our Cabana—we built it for you.

There’s no ordering off a confusing menu here. We’ve got all our cannabis out on the floor so you can take your time, browse, and get recommendations from our beyond friendly team. And there’s always something going on at Canna Cabana—let’s get you up to date on the latest weekly deals, promos, and sweet giveaways.

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User Reviews
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Jaden MFeb-23
place is fun i go with my mom and brother and we all talk with everyone there its a fun place to buy weed and if your new to smoking and have auestions they help answer them
Joe GFeb-23
Technicle error. Feb 1 2023 11:50am Tried to use the NEW electronic kiosk and the first transaction went through but the receipt did not print and did not populate at the tills POS system. Thankfully the designer and installer were there. It seem like no one really wanted to help us as I believe they though we might be trying to scam them, because after the payment the kiosk screen went back to our cart showing our order not competed. So I tried showing the installer and the till operator our back transaction and was told there was nothing they could do without a receipt or a order on the POS. So to prove us right I made another exact transaction right in front of them and it did the same thing. So now we have two store rep witnesses and they are both at a loss of what to do. How embarrassing at this point for the staff, but for myself too because now there is a few people in the line up. So the installer gets on the phone with someone and the till is helping out another person, he explained the situation on the phone and then handed the phone to the checkout counter, then she was giving the ok to give us our product and a refund. I gotta say the staff did the best they could in a very difficult situation. I just wish they had a system other than me having to make another transaction to.prove the system is broken. Idea is good definitely has bugs that need to be worked out!
Kilye HNov-22
Always the best place to be! Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. My 2nd home. MISSY & MACK
Peter FOct-22
Mac was super helpful, personable, and effective. I love using canna cabana for their membership prices. Easiest purchase of the day.
A LOct-22
The last two visits have been subpar. Started ok, but fell flat. Someone was supposed to email me due to a faulty product, but they never did. Won't be returning.
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