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Canna Cabana Edmonton

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Street map for Canna Cabana Edmonton, 10828 124 St. NW, Edmonton AB
You're always welcome at Canna Cabana!
Telephone(780) 758-3700
Canna Cabana Edmonton Logo
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cannacabana.com/ ab/ edmonton/ 124th-street/
10:00am - 11:00pm
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Since 2009 we’ve been dreaming up spaces for Cannabis lovers to feel at home. As smokers ourselves, we were sick and tired of sketchy alleys leading to bargain basements that made us feel like we were doing something wrong.

Canadians deserved something better, and so we opened our first Smoker’s Corner head shop in downtown Calgary that same year. Finally a bright, clean, welcoming place where marijuana enthusiasts could gather and geek out about cannabis culture – weed, bongs, pipes, vaporizers and yes… even getting high!

After legalization, we knew we wanted to bring that same vibe to selling legal Cannabis (man, sometimes we still can’t believe it).

Canna Cabana was created for people who loved weed (still do) and want to buy it, smoke it, and talk about it in a playful, safe environment. We call that a Cabana and we built it for you!

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User Reviews
[On Google]
Eric RJun-21
"One of my favorite pot shops in the city. Very helpful and friendly staff that always have great advice and suggest different strains"
"I love that they're constantly bringing in new products and typically have one of the best selections of dry herb, 510 carts, edibles and accessories. I find their prices are generally really good and have gotten so much better over the past year. I used to purchase my cannabis through medical sites but found it's less expensive to get my product at CannaCabana especially with more & more products being made available and they price match! I just wish there were a little more CBD balanced strains available. Customer service has always been awesome, knowledgeable & helpful!"
Ashley SJun-21
"Would give 0 stars if an option. If you go here make sure to see the packaging of the product before paying. I ordered two products online, one was supposed to be sativa 28.5% THC I got 19.32% and the other were pre-rolls at 20% THC and I got 15.23%. Beware of this store as they obviously have no problem 'misleading' (or ya know flat out lying or deceiving) their customers."
"These guys are amazing! Super nice and knowledgeable! Always have something good to recommend! And the prices are great too!!!"
Mandy MMay-21
"Store has had complete staff changes multiple times, so every experience will differ but all the good staff are long gone. Shop somewhere else. Makes sense, the poor staff there are always over worked and have to put up with incompetent head office staff that's why they have weird policies. If you have an issue take it up with HighTide the parents company. They also get paid the least of any dispensary, so if you want to support a better company go literally anywhere else Pay your store manager more than 19 dollars an hour. With peace and love of course??"
Arty “Mar-21
"Wonderful store and location. They have an amazing variety in there, plus too the staff are super kind and very knowledgeable. Definitely a good plus to go and get genuine recommendations on what strain or product will fit your need, and is a place you just gotta turn yourself into a repeat customer for."
Alana SJan-21
"Good place for cannabis, staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I wish they offered more in product variety"
Phoenix BDec-20
"Pretty friendly staff helped me with what I was looking for and gave numerous options. Really looking forward to go there again. Even their prices were reasonable"
Trinity ZNov-20
"Staff was so knowledgable and I live that they have all their product on display with pricing instead of menus I can't see."
Tony SAug-20
"Great experience at this location! Far better than the small town veg store. Customer service was great, selection and prices were competitive. Good flow of people coming and going in the short time I was in for my purchase. Awesome store."
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