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Bongs and Such Plus

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Street map for Bongs and Such Plus, 4823 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB
Street view for Bongs and Such Plus, 4823 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB
Logo image for Bongs and Such Plus, 4823 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB
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Telephone(403) 243-5251
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L WApr-22
The owner of this place are the most genuine, God fearing people you will ever meet. Thank you for all you do for the community. Shout out to Jesus!!
Betty BApr-22
The people who run this store are absolutely insane, horrible slave like employers and are so out of touch with reality that they should be shut down. Their markup is disgusting, and solely benefits their pockets, not the staff or the stores. In the reviews here people are stating they were shopping here at 16 - so add selling to minors on that list as well. Nick and Jacquie have run this company into a grave. Fred and Kasey at the next level are much better human beings to support when it comes to local businesses.
Mat JApr-22
This is such a nice store ran by good people. The owner goes out of his way to educate you and loves to chat. Always a pleasure at Bongs & Such.
kaleb cMar-22
Super nice Super accommodating everything under the sun always been a personal favorite.
Sam AFeb-22
It's funny how people are rating the business based of politics instead of the actual business itself and industry of paraphernalia. I remember a time when people used to say "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" we are all allowed to have our own options but disrespecting a business for opinion biases is not very community like. Not many stores in the city providing smoking accessories and this place has pretty much everything you can think of when supply chain isn't down. Regardless of political views I respect personal choice to both vaxxed and unvaxxed people. It is my choice to go in public and risk running into people that have different views than me but I don't blame them for my fears. If only the rest of the community could do the same instead of slandering those with a different perspectives. Instead of disrespecting those that "you believe are uneducated" why don't you try articulating your points of views to enhance others with your intelligence. But if slandering a business because of guilty by association, we'd all be guilty of something. So get off your high horse and remember were all human-beings just trying to live. Humanize people, not break them down. If you're a parent, especially since your kids are the future and this will only add to the segregation of humanity. Food for thought. Local supporter here!
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