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Mango Taffie Pre-Roll

Mango Taffie Pre-Roll (Pre-Rolls) by Good Buds
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THC 170 - 230mg/g (~20%) VERY STRONG 0 - 50mg/g (~2.5%) CBD
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~$15.00 /g *



 Cannabis Profile

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Predominant Aroma / Flavour **
Musk Herbal Pepper
Medicinal Properties / Aid With **
Pain 3 Inflammation 8 Relaxation 3
Potency Very Strong
THC 170 - 230mg/g (17% - 23%)
CBD 0 - 50mg/g (0% - 5%)
Plant Type     Sativa Dominant
Strain(s) LA Taffie, Hawaiian Landrace
Grown In British Columbia
Terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Terpinolene
Myrcene (Musk Citrus) is the most common and abundant terpene found in cannabis. It's also found in mango, with a flavour profile that's a mix of citrus and musk (eating a mango 45 min. before smoking will increase THC effect). Myrcene has been known for its sedative properties and may be part of the reason cannabis has been used for pain management and is usually recommended as a supplement during cancer treatments.
Caryophyllene (Pepper Spice) is found in a variety of edible plants and herbs and smells of pepper and spice, and can also be found in black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, oregano, basil and rosemary. It has long been used in anti-inflammatory topicals and creams and is also thought to reduce anxiety, and is recommended for treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
Terpinolene (Pine Herbal) can be found in sage, rosemary, apples, tea trees, cumin and nutmeg. It has a piney or woody aroma with hints of citrus and herbal spice. Its strong aromatic properties make it a commonly used ingredient in soaps, perfumes, lotions, and flavours. It acts as a sedative with antiseptic properties.
Ocimene (Sweet Herbal) is found in a wide variety of fruits and herbs, including mint, parsley, pepper, basil, mangoes, and orchids. It is noted for having a sweet, herbaceous, and woody aroma. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral properties.
Terpenes are fragrant oils naturally secreted in cannabis, including other plants, fruits and herbs. They are the organic compounds that give each strain of cannabis its unique aroma, flavour and effects. These oils have been used for centuries in medicine, natural remedies and food. Use search console to filter by terpenes.
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A Good Buds original. Mango Taffie buds are dense and caked with sticky resin and trichomes. The perfect strain for extractions, with juicy mango aromas and potent THC. Grown in small batches on Salt Spring Island, BC. Hand trimmed, hang dried and grown in organic soils.

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BrandsGood Buds

by Good Buds Company
Telephone(236) 914-2018
Contact EmailSend an Email
1867 N End Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC


Craft, certified organic cannabis from Salt Spring Island, BC. At GOOD BUDS, our mission is to deliver you the finest weed and concentrates available in the Canadian recreational market.

Proudly on Salt Spring Island, BC

A short ferry ride from Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island is nestled in the sheltered waterways of the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea. It’s an international tourist destination, known for its natural beauty, artisans, craft farms and restaurants. Its residents bring a relaxed and welcoming energy to all that visit.

Why Salt Spring Island?

Salt Spring Island is perfect for growing outdoor cannabis. Our buds bathe in the salty mist of the Pacific Ocean, giving them a unique greasy quality that can’t be replicated indoors. It’s also great for extracting hash and rosin. We're dedicated to growing craft weed the natural way to make the island proud.

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User Reviews

Good Buds Company Brands
"I just purchased an 1/8th of sapphire og from goodbuds at the queensborogh cannabis location, when I opened the sealed jar I could tell it wasn't close to and 1/8. So I weighed it up and I was exactly a gram short 2.5 not 3.5 which is also on the package. Pretty disappointed when I payed $40 "
Jay aApr-21
Good Buds Company Brands
"Zero star reveiw. Keif "hash" labeled as Live resin 2 hours listening to customer service pre recorded answering machine. This isn't my first complaint either. Dispensaries just don't take refunds. How ironic. THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE. Yes I AM MAD. And I will find a way to expose your BS product. Lemme post a picture of my receipt and product!! Good thing my dispensary honors their customers. Been on hold since 10 am. Still sitting on hold "
Roselie CSep-20
Good Buds Company Brands
"good places, good prices "
Good Buds Company Brands
"Awesome company and great products "
Adam HJul-20
Good Buds Company Brands
"Good Buds is one of the best legal growers we've came across. After a facility tour, I'm very happy to have good buds product at my dispensary. Keep up the great growing!! "
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