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Telephone(877) 559-0967
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Produced by Greenlane Holdings, LLC
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At Aerospaced, it’s been our principle, our obsession, from the beginning: to offer exceptionally crafted devices – leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection – at prices everyone can afford.

Our new products boast best-in-class components and functionalities, among them: aircraft-grade components machined to tolerances well within a human hair; distinctive grinding and shredding technologies fine-tuned for a variety of tastes; impeccably balanced grinding closures for smooth operation; high-strength Neodymium magnets for nearly airtight closure.

We started Aerospaced to offer an alternative – the best function, the best form, and the most unique experience. Now we’re here to make it a standard.

About Greenlane Holdings, LLC

Greenlane is a full-service, global platform for bringing premium products to market in the burgeoning head shop, smoke shop, dispensary channels, and beyond. Since 2005, Greenlane has worked diligently to build a reputation as the industry leader by meeting the needs of our customers, suppliers, and the end-users of the products we represent. We have achieved this by offering the most innovative products at competitive prices, providing white glove customer service, and processing orders quickly with unparalleled, highly-efficient operations and logistics. During this time, we have grown to over 300 employees with operations in 13 cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe, including seven highly-automated distribution centers, and we continue to grow by finding ways to better serve the needs of our customers and suppliers.

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