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34 Street Seed Co.

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Telephone(780) 809-2828
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anccannabis.com/ 34-street/
Produced by ANC Cannabis Inc.
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Founded in Western Canada by ANC Cannabis Inc., 34 Street breeds quality genetics for growers who want the best. With a wide selection of offerings, 34 Street is bringing together quality products and expertise, to cultivate the highest success rate for our customers.

34 Street revolves around genetics, including seeds, cloning and tissue culture. This means they specialize in one area of cultivation which keeps their quality control incredibly high and mitigates risk of error. Boasting an impressive germination rate from numerous tests, 34 Street offers stable and consistent quality through their range of products.

With a “grow your own” philosophy and support for customers long after they purchase, 34 Street empowers growers of all experience levels.

About ANC Cannabis Inc.

As the first licensed Micro Cannabis Cultivator in Alberta, our vision is to excel beyond anything that’s been seen in the cannabis industry before. With a diversified team of professionals, ANC is passionate about pioneering a quality brand that is a step above the rest. Cultivating in small batches allows us the flexibility to pick and choose from our extensive genetic bank to produce the highest quality strains.

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